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I'm delighted to introduce Giving Tree Home's best-selling bathtub style: Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub. This bathtub combines many advantages such as excellent quality, affordability, and convenience. Why do we say so?

Firstly, the most obvious feature of these bathtubs is their use of acrylic as the main material. Acrylic is an important thermoplastic polymer made from methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA) through polymerization, known for its hardness, heat resistance, and weather resistance. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for casting bathtubs, not only resistant to malfunction during long-term use but also providing longer soaking times.

You may mention that cast iron or stone resin are also top materials for casting bathtubs, with higher reliability and additional advantages in preventing mold. Indeed, this is true, but when considering the choice of a suitable tub, cost inevitably comes into play. Compared to cast iron or stone resin tubs, the cost of top acrylic bathtubs is only about half. The average price on the market is around $1,100 while Giving Tree Home has reduced costs by making slight adjustments to the manufacturing process while ensuring quality and increasing production capacity. Therefore, you will find that the price of acrylic freestanding tubs sold by Giving Tree Home is usually under $900!

The freestanding design is the biggest selling point of this type of bathtub! As people's pursuit of quality continues to increase, they increasingly prefer unrestrained soaking experiences. Freestanding bathtubs happen to meet this demand. These types of bathtubs require no skirt and no platform, allowing you to place them in the bathroom, bedroom, or even on the balcony as you please.

Perfect Manufacturing Process

Online, hardly any company openly admits to quality issues with their products. Instead, they often engage in self-promotion, but true quality needs to be proven through actual actions. So, let's understand how Giving Tree Home manufactures high-quality acrylic freestanding bathtubs and what sets us apart from other brands!

Design Styling

Giving Tree Home values uniqueness and innovation. We have an experienced team of designers dedicated to creating products with our distinct style, making your bathtub stand out. We also offer optimization and upgrades of mainstream styles in the market, as well as customization services to meet diverse customer needs.

Material Preparation

We source high-quality acrylic sheets from long-term suppliers, ensuring the quality and consistency of raw materials. The sheets are then cut into sizes suitable for processing according to the bathtub design dimensions and pre-treated with steam heating in a boiler.


Softened acrylic sheets are placed into pre-designed molds and subjected to heat and pressure to shape them. After natural cooling to a certain stage, they are removed from the molds and transferred to a cooling chamber for further cooling and solidification.

Precision Processing

After the bathtub's contour is completed, drainage and water inlet holes are drilled, and the edges of the tub are cut and bonded. We use polishers with different particle sizes for multiple polishing passes, followed by treatments such as sandblasting, brushing, and coating to ensure a smooth surface and excellent texture.

Quality Inspection

All tubs undergo rigorous quality inspections and are certified by authorities such as cUPC and CE. We inspect every bathtub surface to ensure color consistency, no color difference, and smoothness. Then, we perform a bathtub shake test to verify the flatness of the bottom and a water filling test to check for any leakage from the drain. Only bathtubs that pass these tests are allowed to be stocked and sold.

Complementary Purchases

Since you've entered Giving Tree Home and have the desire to purchase a bathtub, you must be a user with higher demands for bathing experience. In addition to high-quality bathtubs, we also recommend complementing them with other bathtub accessories to achieve a more comfortable and convenient bathroom experience.

Bathtub Caddy

The bathtub caddy is considered the best companion for bathtubs, providing you with the convenience of watching shows, eating snacks, or reading while soaking. Most of the caddies we sell are made of wood or stainless steel materials, ensuring that they don't bend when carrying items and avoiding rust issues, adding a touch of nature and elegance to your bathroom.

Bathtub Mat

Bathtub Mat is an essential bathroom accessory placed in front of the bathtub. It can absorb moisture, prevent the floor from being slippery after getting out of the bathtub, and provide anti-slip protection, especially suitable for users who want to purchase extra-deep acrylic stand alone bathtub, providing added safety for your bathing experience.

Shower Head

Even if you purchase a freestanding bathtub, you can consider setting up separate soaking and showering areas in the bathroom to meet different needs. Alternatively, for some space-limited bathrooms, combining a shower head with a bathtub allows you to meet the high demands for soaking while also providing the convenience of a quick shower when in a hurry, adding more flexibility and convenience to your bathroom.

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