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Premium Freestanding Bathtubs for Ultimate Relaxation

At Giving Tree Home, we take pride in offering a range of tubs that blend advanced technology and innovative features, showcasing our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Our carefully curated selection of standalone tubs are not just tubs but also your perfect companions for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you prefer spa systems, custom jets, or lighting options, our products are designed to meet your discerning needs and preferences.

Discover Versatile Options

Giving Tree Home offers a diverse range of freestanding bathtubs, whether you prioritize affordability, space-saving solutions, or opulent aesthetics, our selection has something for everyone. Opt for our acrylic freestanding bathtubs for a perfect balance of cost-effectiveness and elegance. Embrace the minimalist charm of a 47'' freestanding bathtub, ideal for cozy bathroom layouts, or indulge in luxury with our black tubs, exuding sophistication and grace.

Effortless Installation, Endless Convenience

Convenience is the highlight of this bathtub series. The standalone design means that this tub can be placed anywhere without being limited by space constraints, unlike built-in or wall-mounted options that require professional handling.

When installing a freestanding bathtub, you only need to connect the new bathtub's plumbing and position it in the appropriate location, then place the bathtub on two wooden supports. Next, connect the plumbing to the bathtub, turn on the water source to fill the bathtub, and observe for any leaks. If everything is normal, you can remove the wooden supports and complete the bathtub installation. If you have any doubts about the installation process, don't worry, our package includes installation instructions, and if you still encounter difficulties, you can always contact our customer service.

Elevate Your Space with Exquisite Craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in the artistry of our freestanding tub series, meticulously crafted to adorn your bathroom with timeless elegance. From sleek lines to graceful curves, each tub is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship, transforming your bathing ritual into a luxurious retreat. Step into a world of tranquility and indulgence, where every detail is crafted to perfection, only at Giving Tree Home.

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FAQs About Freestanding Bathtub

What is a freestanding bathtub?

A freestanding bathtub, also known as a standalone tub, is a bathtub that is a separate unit and can be placed in any area. It is best suited for placement in areas with plumbing, and it is highly recommended to use it with a bathtub faucet...READ MORE

What materials are used in manufacturing?

Currently, Giving Tree Home offers bathtubs in three material options: stone resin, resin, and acrylic, each with its unique characteristics. For example, stone resin material offers high reliability and antibacterial properties, acrylic material is more affordable, easy to maintain and clean, while resin material is more malleable and aesthetically pleasing.

What sizes of freestanding bathtubs are available?

We offer freestanding bathtubs with top dimensions ranging from 47'' to 75'' and soaking depths ranging from 12'' to 19''. These bathtubs are more suitable for personal deep soaking experiences.

How to Choose the Shape of a Freestanding Bathtub?

For users who prefer a classical style, a double slipper freestanding bathtub is the best choice. For those who favor modern decor, an oval freestanding bathtub can be considered. And for users who enjoy long soaking sessions, it is advisable to consider a bathtub with a backrest angle of around 120 degrees...READ MORE

Why choose to buy from Giving Tree Home?

We always consider price, appearance, and quality. In terms of price, we focus on offering the lowest market prices and continuously strive to match them. In terms of appearance, all our bathtubs are designed by professional designers, catering to both modern and classical tastes. In terms of quality, our products always meet cUPC, SGS, ISO, CE, and CEG certifications.

What if I like the product but find the price too high?

Your satisfaction is our driving force. If you like our products but find the price prohibitive, we offer affiliate marketing and bonus points policies to help you lower the price. Ultimately, you can acquire these high-quality freestanding bathtubs for less than $2000.

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