• 47ft bathtub for small size bathroom

    This Japanese-style bathtub serves as the centerpiece of the small bathroom furniture set, utilizing resin stone as the main material to enhance both texture and durability. The built-in seat design not only saves space but also enhances bathing comfort. Despite presenting an overall matte white appearance, it is very easy to clean, with no concerns about bacterial growth on the surface.

  • Matte Black Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Floor Mount Tub Filler Single Handle with Hand Shower

    When choosing accessories for your bathtub, opting for this square matte black freestanding faucet with a handheld showerhead is the best choice. The combination of black and white creates a strong visual impact, showcasing a modern bathroom style with depth. The handheld showerhead design not only facilitates quick foam rinsing but also makes bathtub cleaning effortless, adding convenience and comfort to your bathing experience.


  • 10" Wall Mount Square Shower Systems with Head Shower & Hand Shower Combo Set

    If your shower space is limited, we recommend opting for an embedded shower set. This set embeds the shower column into the wall, avoiding protrusion, thereby expanding the shower space and adding a sense of style. In addition, it is equipped with both overhead and handheld showerheads, providing gentle and rich water flow that makes you feel like you're enjoying a soothing massage while showering.

  • GIVINGTREE Modern Dual Flush Elongated Standard One Piece Toilet with Comfortable Seat Height

    This one-piece floor-standing toilet features a maximum water seal height of 2.17 inches/55 millimeters, effectively minimizing splashing to your buttocks. Another highlight is its dual-flush system, which uses a low-flow flush (1.1 GPF) for liquid waste, ensuring a clean rinse while conserving water. For solid waste, it utilizes a high-flow flush (1.6 GPF) to thoroughly cleanse, avoiding any embarrassing residue.

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More Bathroom Furniture Set Combinations

One of the highlights of Giving Tree Home is our team of professional furniture designers and visual designers. We are committed to providing customers with expert advice on bathroom furniture set combinations, enhancing the visual appeal of your bathroom. On our platform, you can find more styles of set combinations that suit your needs.


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