6 Best Bathtub Brands of 2024

Luxury bathtub brands understand that a tubs is not only a place for bathing but also a private space for physical and mental relaxation and personal care. They pay attention to detail, offer unique and timeless designs, focus on comfort and functionality, and use high-quality materials to ensure durability.

When choosing the best bathtub brand, we should focus on the actual quality of the product, rather than being affected by the false name of the brand, and avoid paying too much for the false reputation. In this article, Giving Tree Home will recommend seven of the world's top bathtub brands. Their designs exude luxury while meeting all your needs during the bathing process. These brands have always been the fashion focus of the bathroom industry, giving your bathroom a brand-new look and bringing you an unparalleled bathing experience.

Giving Tree Home

First, let me introduce our brand - Giving Tree Home. As one of the largest bathtub retailers in China, we take pride in having a wide user base globally. Since our establishment in 2002, we have earned customers' trust with unique designs, high-quality products, and affordable prices. To date, our annual export volume has exceeded $200 million.

In addition to the quality of our products, our customer service is also highly praised. Whether you have purchase intentions or not, our customer service team provides professional advice and consultation 24/7. Furthermore, we offer a 30-day no-reason return policy, ensuring your peace of mind. Of course, for returns unrelated to product quality, customers are responsible for the shipping costs.

If you are looking for the world's top bathtub online store, Giving Tree Home is your best choice. When it comes to bathtub selection, we highly recommend solid surface tubs. Made of synthetic materials, these tubs have a smooth texture akin to velvet and are among the best-selling styles on givingtreehome.com.

Solid Surface Stone Resin Freestanding Soaking Bathtub



Let's talk about Kohler, a household name in the world of bathroom fixtures. Established back in 1873 and headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin, this company has been setting the standard for innovation, quality, and top-notch design for well over a century. 

When it comes to bathtubs, Kohler offers a range of options that tick all the boxes for luxury and functionality. But one model that stands out is the Kohler Villager bathtub. It's the kind of bathtub that fits snugly into most bathrooms because it's designed to be installed against three walls – what we call an alcove bathtub.

Kohler Villager tubs

Picture From Kohler Official Website

So, what makes the Kohler Villager a top pick? Well, for starters, it's built to last. Made from durable enameled cast iron, this bathtub is as sturdy as it comes. But here's the best part: the Kohler Villager doesn't just offer durability and comfort; it also brings style to the table. Its classic design is timeless, meaning it'll seamlessly blend in with any bathroom décor, whether you're going for a traditional look or something more contemporary.

Although these advantages make Kohler's bathtubs stand out from many brands, regarding the Villager bathtub, some flaws make it unsuitable for all applications. It seems a bit too heavy, which makes it difficult for some users who want to do it themselves. On the other hand, some users said it did not retain the shower and the tub was too shallow to enjoy bathing. 

So, for some users who are larger or want the tub to be compatible with a shower, they can consider other styles or purchase a freestanding tub faucet from Giving Tree Home to use with it.

Signature Hardware

Signature Hardware is a well-known bathroom furniture brand that has been established for over 20 years. Its product range includes bathtubs, toilets, shower doors, and a series of products and accessories, meeting users' needs for all aspects of decoration from floor to ceiling.

When it comes to bathtubs, Signature Hardware offers a range of options designed to deliver both comfort and elegance. But one model that truly shines is the Signature Hardware Copper Clawfoot Slipper Tub. This bathtub is a standout choice, offering a unique blend of sophistication and functionality.

Signature Hardware Copper Clawfoot Slipper Tub

Picture From Signature Hardware Official Website

What sets this tub apart is its distinctive design – the copper clawfoot and slipper shape give it a vintage-inspired charm that adds character to any bathroom. Plus, the copper material not only looks stunning but also offers excellent heat retention, ensuring a warm and relaxing soak. In terms of comfort, the Signature Hardware Copper Clawfoot Slipper Tub doesn't disappoint. Its ergonomic design provides ample support for your back, allowing you to sink into a state of pure relaxation. And with its generous dimensions, there's plenty of room to stretch out and unwind after a long day.

While this bathtub exudes a sense of luxury, as if immersing you in the enjoyment of a five-star spa, it may not be readily embraced by everyone. On one hand, its brass color tone is too bold; on the other hand, compared to acrylic material, its texture seems slightly inferior. However, there is no doubt that Signature Hardware, as a brand known for its bold bathtub designs, is one of the reasons we recommend it!


A brand that's synonymous with innovation and elegance in the world of bathroom fixtures. With a rich history dating back to its founding in 1817, Duravit has earned a reputation for crafting high-quality products that combine cutting-edge design with unmatched functionality.

When it comes to bathtubs, Duravit offers a diverse range of options that cater to every style and preference. But one model that truly stands out is the Duravit DuraSquare Bathtub. This bathtub is a testament to Duravit's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and technology to create products that enhance the bathing experience.

Picture From Duravit Official Website

Picture From Duravit Official Website

What makes the Duravit DuraSquare Bathtub special is its sleek and modern design. With clean lines and geometric shapes, this bathtub exudes a sense of contemporary sophistication that's sure to elevate any bathroom décor. Plus, the high-quality materials used in its construction ensure durability and longevity, allowing you to enjoy its beauty for years to come. Its spacious interior provides plenty of room to stretch out and relax. Whether you're enjoying a quick soak or a long, luxurious bath, this bathtub is designed to enhance your comfort and relaxation.

As a top bathtub manufacturer, Duravit's products tend to be perfect in every aspect. However, we learned that Duravit’s DuraSquare bathtub series costs close to $6,000 and has a minimum size of 1600*750mm, which is obviously not ideal for users with limited space and budget. Therefore, what we recommend to you is the Japanese style bathtub that comes with our small bathroom furniture set. Not only is this tub smaller in size, but it’s also less than $2,000 after discount, so it may be a better fit for your needs and budget!

47'' Japanese style solid freestanding bathtub



If you're in pursuit of innovative and stylish bathtubs, MAAX may be your top choice. As a high-end bathtub brand with a history of over 50 years, MAAX has always been committed to seamlessly blending elegance and practicality in its products. Among them, the MAAX Optik freestanding bathtub stands out as the brand's flagship product, highly praised for its unique design and outstanding quality.

MAAX Optik  Acrylic Freestanding Center Drain Bathtub

Picture From MAAX Official Website

This bathtub can be considered an innovative masterpiece that disrupts the game rules, redefining the bathing experience with its stylish design and luxurious features. The uniqueness of the MAAX Optik bathtub lies in its modern aesthetics, with clean lines and minimalist appearance adding a touch of sophistication to any bathroom, making it the perfect place to relax and indulge in self-care.

The use of acrylic as the main material makes it lighter and easier to transport and install, while also providing excellent waterproofing, making it resistant to water erosion or damage over long-term use. Additionally, the product offers two mode options: the Soaker mode for traditional soaking baths, and the Aerofeel mode with a massage function featuring an air jet system. For the former, we strongly recommend considering Giving Tree Home, where we offer a wider range of acrylic bathtubs at prices only a third of MAAX's.



BainUltra is synonymous with innovation and luxury in the realm of bathroom fixtures. Established with a vision to redefine the bathing experience, BainUltra has earned a reputation for crafting high-quality products that prioritize relaxation and well-being. When it comes to bathtubs, BainUltra offers a diverse range of options designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of homeowners. However, one standout model is the BainUltra Origami Bathtub. Falling under the category of freestanding bathtubs, the Origami is a true masterpiece that elevates the art of bathing to new heights.

Picture From BainUltra Official Website

What sets the BainUltra Origami Bathtub apart is its innovative design and advanced features. Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, this bathtub boasts a unique shape that adds elegance to any bathroom. But that's not all – the BainUltra Origami Bathtub is equipped with BainUltra's signature hydro-thermo massage system, combining hydrotherapy and thermotherapy to soothe tired muscles and promote relaxation. With customizable settings and integrated chromotherapy, this bathtub offers a truly indulgent spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.


Everyone's understanding of "Best" varies, much like there are a hundred interpretations of Hamlet. In this article, Giving Tree Home has carefully selected six top bathtub brands based on years of experience in the kitchen and bathroom furniture industry. These brands are dedicated to providing high-quality bathtubs, but there are also many other options available. Therefore, choosing the bathtub that best suits your needs is the most important thing!