Shower Head Buying Guide

A shower head is a household fixture that is seen and experienced every day. From appearance to function, it helps to enhance the overall style of the bathroom while providing an enhanced shower experience. Replacing a quick and easy-to-replace shower head is a DIY project that produces tangible results, both physically and visually.


What is a pressure balance valve?

The pressure-balanced mixing valve provides constant water pressure to prevent fluctuations in water temperature. Its internal components are designed to safely maintain water temperature despite pressure fluctuations in the hot and cold water supply.


What is a thermostatic valve?

The thermostatic valve mixes hot and cold water to ensure a constant, safe outlet temperature and prevent scalding. These mixing valves compensate for changes in inlet water temperature and pressure to keep the temperature within 1 degree Celsius of the selected temperature.

In addition to providing instant response to temperature fluctuations, thermostatic mixing valves allow for higher storage temperatures, reducing the risk of exposure to bacteria. Thermostatic regulation also greatly reduces the risk of thermal shock to the light fixture, increasing the lifespan of the faucet.


Can your shower be installed outdoors?

We do sell outdoor shower units that can be found here. We do not recommend installing any of our indoor shower systems outdoors.


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