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As people increasingly pursue a higher quality of life, the demand for comfortable soaking experiences continues to grow. Among the various types of bathtubs, solid surface bathtubs undoubtedly become the preferred choice for providing the ultimate comfort. This is a relatively new product that has gained attention in recent years, made primarily from resin-based engineered stone materials. Therefore, it is also known as a stone resin bathtub or resin slab artificial stone bathtub. Observing the descriptions of different bathtub brands, you will find that its advantages lie in its malleability, reparability, durability, and antimicrobial properties, while its price is much higher than bathtubs made of materials such as resin or acrylic. Therefore, “solid surface” has become synonymous with luxury & high-end bathtubs.

Natural Stone vs. Artificial Stone

The safety of the product has always been a focus of attention, and one criterion for judgment is whether the material is natural. However, as a type of artificial stone, stone resin made of resin-based materials may be questioned in terms of safety. Nevertheless, we solemnly promise here that the solid surface bathtub range products from Giving Tree Home are environmentally friendly and absolutely safe.

In bathroom renovation, the mainstream materials mainly include two types: natural stone and artificial stone. Natural stone is extracted from natural rocks on Earth and processed into slabs or blocks. Common types of natural stone include marble, granite, and limestone. Generally, natural stone has extremely high compressive strength, abrasion resistance, and durability.

In contrast, artificial stone materials, such as stone resin or acrylic, are made from a mixture of resins, aluminum powder, pigments, and curing agents. Although the strength of artificial stone may not be as high as natural stone, it has rich colors and strong malleability, which is more conducive to design.

Whether natural stone or artificial stone, they do not release harmful substances or gases during use and pose no threat to the human body. In addition, due to its easy processing, artificial stone has better resistance to penetration, and after fine polishing and surface treatment, it has antimicrobial and mildew-resistant properties.

Therefore, when choosing materials, consumers can make choices based on their actual needs and purposes. For example, for flooring materials that require higher reliability, it is recommended to choose natural stone; while for products that require shaping, such as cabinets and bathtubs, artificial stone materials such as stone resin or acrylic can be chosen.

Best Solid Surface Bathtub Store

Founded in 2002, Giving Tree Home can be said to be the earliest company to produce and sell solid surface tubs, which means that our understanding of this material is far ahead of the market, and our processing capabilities for stone resin materials are stronger.

You will find that although there are many solid surface bathtub shops on the market, the styles are single. However, at Giving Tree Home, you can not only find mainstream styles on the market but also exclusive designs, including modern designs, retro designs, circular, and square, and most importantly, we always consider ergonomics in our designs. This means that if you use our solid surface freestanding tub, you will get a more relaxed and enjoyable soaking experience as if you were in a luxury spa.

Most importantly, Giving Tree Home always sells high-quality solid surface bathtubs, which are certified by cUPC, SGS, ISO, CE, and CEG, and the quality of the bathtubs is double-checked according to the strictest standards before shipment. In the end, the products you receive will have no flaws and will be environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body.

Of course, from placing an order to receiving the goods is a long process (1-2 weeks), and we cannot guarantee 100% that there will be no accidents during transportation. However, don't worry, if there are quality issues with the products you receive due to accidents during transportation, we will provide return and exchange services to ensure you always have a good shopping experience.

Solid Surface Bathtub Style Choices

Giving Tree Home offers a variety of styles of solid surface bathtubs to provide you with a wider range of choices for your renovation.

In terms of color, we offer options such as black, white, gray, and pink, and you can choose between solid colors or matte finishes. For users pursuing modern decoration styles, we recommend matte black solid surface bathtubs, which, as a traditional color, can be well matched with any bathroom decoration style, and matte is considered a more modern, stylish, and high-end choice, with a smooth, non-reflective surface that presents a soft luster.

In addition to color, bathtubs come in a variety of shapes, such as egg-shaped, oval, rectangular, single slipper, and double slipper. If you prefer a classic decorative style, you can choose rectangular or double slipper-shaped solid surface bathtubs, which give a noble and elegant feeling that will definitely impress anyone entering the bathroom.

It is worth mentioning that the solid surface bathtubs sold by Giving Tree Home are all designed as freestanding. This means that installation is more convenient, requiring only the insertion of the provided drainpipe into the drain hole, without considering the problem of fitting with the surrounding walls. This greatly reduces the time and cost of replacing bathtubs.

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FAQs About Solid Surface Tubs

What is solid surface tub?

Solid surface bathtubs are bathtubs made from a stone resin mixture that is strong, durable, seamless and easy to clean. They are typically made with a one-piece design with no gaps or holes, which makes them easier to keep clean and less susceptible to bacteria and mold growth.

What are the benefits of solid surface bathtubs?

Solid surface bathtubs offer a variety of benefits, including durability, ease of cleaning, good antimicrobial properties, rich colors and textures, and good insulation. They also have a more modern and upscale look that suits a variety of styles of bathroom décor.

Which is better, solid surface bathtub or acrylic bathtub?

The choice between solid surface and acrylic tubs depends on your preferences and requirements. Solid surface tubs are generally more durable and resistant to scratches, while acrylic tubs are lighter and often more budget-friendly. Consider your priorities in terms of durability, appearance, and budget to make the best decision for your needs.

How does a solid surface bathtub differ from a traditional cast iron bathtub?

Solid surface bathtubs are lighter, easier to install, and less prone to rust than traditional cast iron or steel bathtubs. They are also easier to clean because there are no gaps or holes.

What is the best way to maintain a solid surface bathtub?

Maintaining a solid surface bathtub is usually simple. Simply clean it with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasives or caustic cleaners that can damage the surface. Regular scrubbing and maintenance will maintain the appearance and performance of your tub.

How much do solid surface bathtubs cost?

Prices for solid surface bathtubs vary by brand, size, design and material. Typically, they are more expensive than traditional cast iron or acrylic bathtubs, but may be more reasonably priced compared to other high-end bathtubs.

What type of bathroom is a solid surface bathtub suitable for?

Solid surface bathtubs are suitable for all types of bathrooms, whether they are modern, traditional or otherwise. Their design and appearance match a variety of bathroom styles, and they are available in a variety of sizes to fit different sized bathroom spaces.

Are bathtubs able to be delivered to the room?

Our bathtubs are delivered by truck. Transportation is free to the doorstep of your home or to a nearby curb. If you need to ship indoors or to a warehouse, there is an additional service charge. Please note your needs when placing your order and contact us in advance.

How do I fix minor scratches on my solid surface bathtub?

Light scratches can usually be sanded and polished with our complimentary sandpaper. For severe damage, please contact our customer service for guidance on repair options.

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